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Do you want to speak English effortlessly like a professional English speaker?

Success in any field is possible when you are excellent in your communication skill in English. Soft Skill brings you the most effective English Communication Skills courses for optimising your abilities. Now I am going to make you explore the details of our 360 English Courses

Soft Skill introduces you to the 360° English Communication Skills Course that unlocks the power of your excellent communication skills in English. We cover the most needed modern curriculum for English Courses to equip you to become an excellent communicator for a successful life.

English Course Coverage

The following topics are included in this course.

  • Narration Skills
  • Conversation Skills
  • Talk & Debating Skills
  • Manners & Polite Etiquettes
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Language & Grammar Skills
  • Group Discussion Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Pronunciation & Accent
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Webinar & Seminar Skills
  • Meeting Presiding Skills
  • Extempore & Spontaneity Skills

Apart from this coverage we have many more extra curriculum added in this course for a complete approach to absolute learning in English

Our highly skilled and educated mentors with ever-developing research expertise trainers are always ready and dedicated to rendering their services in optimal quality of our prescribed Teaching Learning Protocol for excellent outputs.

Success At Your Fingertips

Soft Skill fetches definite success in all prospects. We assure you the presented impacts as follows.


Advanced Method

Speak effortlessly without translation, without get by geart and without preparation.


Remove Blockage

Overcome all psychological blockage & develop tremendous courage and practice.


Become a Narrator

Become the most effective narrator & Speaker in English on any topic.


Become Confident

Become confident and skillful by developing logical awareness of Grammar.


Be Impactful

Present every topics very impressively for an impactful output & appreciation.


Develop Fluency

Develop fluency & Accent for communicative approach & style.


Be Inspiring

Your speech, talk, conversation and interaction become very much inspiring


Be a Pro Communicator

Finally, you become a professional communicator in English.


Get Certificate

You get your career course certificate from us for quick employability

Watch the Impact We bring in You

excellent feedback by our learners

Success Stories & Reviews

First and foremost I want to thank god that I accidentally land on the website of soft skills. Now I can really give a genuine feedback for this Institute. The classes are really scientific and I learnt how to communicate from the day one. It is amazing to learn, apply, practice and improve communication skill at soft skills. I thank all my teachers at soft skils to give me such a nice platform to develop as an effective communicator. It helps me really at work place as well as social place. Thank you🙏

Bijoy Gogoi

Engineer, Aditya Birla

"My overall experience is very good and amazing. It is one of the best institutions that provides high quality of learning. The mentors (Swakant Sir and Neha Mam) are highly skilled, supportive, helpful and interactive. Their way of teaching is unique and you can learn things in easy way. They provide a very good infrastructure and positive environment. The best things are the motivational, counseling and intellectual classes which give you a lot of information from various sources. These classes help to build confidence, remove psychological blockages, improve overall personality and motivate you to achieve your goal. I am very thankful to be a part of this institution".

Debendra Kumar Tiwary

Ex Navy Personnel

Corporate Soft Skills is a good learning hub for all ages people and all school or college students.It is a good platform for those people who are weak in english and personal development. It provides so many skills .So all people get much knowledge and improve their future and personality. All trainers are good and friendly.So they help us in any type of situations.

Sailee Santoshini Mohanty


Soft Skills is a good institution to improve english communication skills. I joined the institution 3weeks back. Before joining the institution I was not that confident to speak in in english but now I am. The facilities are very cooperative and friendly. The facilities will even help you in improving your despriction skills, psychological blockages, gaining confidence and your overall personality development .I urge everyone to join this institution.

Adya Sha


I am completely speechless by the way of teaching quality I get from the Corporate Soft Skills. it not only develops communication skills but also improves our inner quality, removes all the fear and doubts. Thanks to swakant Sir for his dedication to develop the communication skills among all the students so effectively. I get highly benefited from their powerful courses. Everyone must join this institution sooner.

Santosh Kumar Pal

Owner, OCA Academy

It's the best ever institution in Sambalpur for improving your English speaking. I joined it for improving my spoken English ,as I had to appear for interviews I had very low confidence of delivering English but currently I am more calm and steady while speaking English I recommend everyone to join it who is looking for an institution to improve their English. It also removes all psychological barriers among to students.

Subhrajeet Biswal


Soft Skills' Exclusive E-Library

In addition to our online classroom, Soft Skill offers an option to avail the largest E-Library for any kind of reference.  Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date study materials for extra reference and guide. The research and development centre of excellence is attached to it for easy access to all references. We hope you must join Soft Skills for this facility