Success in any field is possible when you are excellent in your communication skill in English. Soft Skill brings you the most effective English Communication Skills courses for optimising your abilities. Now I am going to make you explore the details of our 360 English Courses

  1. This course guarantees you become the most effective communicator in English.
  2. You become an expert in all kinds of the topic description
  3. Your presentation skill is improvised and becomes very impressive.
  4. Your English language skills and accent become better
  5. Your speech, talk, and interaction become very much inspiring
  6. Finally, you become a professional communicator in English.
  7. You get your career course certificate from us
English Course Coverage

Do you want to speak English effortlessly like a professional English speaker? Soft Skill introduces you to the 360° English Communication Skills Course that unlocks the power of your excellent communication skills in English. We cover the most needed modern curriculum for English Courses to equip you to become an excellent communicator for a successful life. The following topics are included in this course.

  1. Narration Skills
  2. Conversation Skills
  3. Speech & Debating Skills
  4. Group Discussion Skills
  5. Interview Skills
  6. Pronunciation & Accent
  7. Presentation Skills
  8. Webinar & Seminar Skills
  9. Meeting Presiding Skills

Apart from this coverage we have many more extra curriculum added in this course for a complete approach to absolute learning in English

Courses We Offer

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The largest E-Library

In addition to our online classroom, Soft Skill offers an option to avail the largest E-Library for any kind of reference.  Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date study materials for extra reference and guide. The research and development centre of excellence is attached to it for easy access to all references. We hope you must join Soft Skills for this facility

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