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Sometimes we become confused when we are unable to decide what to do and how to overcome some challenges. Even we do not get a wise person for guidance. We feel helpless and desperate at that time. We feel isolated and depressed. Our anxiety increases and we become sick and withdrawn. If you were a professional counselor, you would have solved and overcome any psychological obstacles proactively, whereas Soft Skill offers you start a gigantic career in counselling. Join Soft Skill’s Counselling Skills Courses and become a certified professional counsellor to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

After doing this course, our learner earns the skills of dealing with all kinds of people with various psychological challenges with absolute solutions individually. Our learner becomes superconscious and aware of all the mechanisms of human personalities and their behaviour. Ultimately, our learner becomes a certified counsellor.

Counselling Skills course is very much crucial for every individual. A person with counselling skills can counsel anybody effectively as a professional counsellor. 

So, why are you waiting for? Join Soft Skill now to enroll yourself in this course.

Counselling Course Coverage

Everyone needs to be appropriately counseled with complete guidance and reception against all actions for a beautiful and desirous result. We always self-counsel ourselves and sometimes we counsel others when they need any advice or suggestion during various challenges in every walks of life. Soft Skill offers you these Counselling Skills Courses to help you become a super counsellor.

Keeping in mind the present and future psychological challenges, Soft Skill includes all the essential topics and curriculum to equip our learners with the most recent case studies and coverage. These courses of study enable our learner to become truly a Professional Counsellor. We cover the following curriculum in this course.

  1. Counselling Environment
  2. Counselling Psychology
  3. Personality Disorders
  4. Psychological Complexities
  5. Counselling Challenges
  6. Exception Handling
  7. Cognitive Counselling
  8. Holistic Counselling
  9. Professional Counselling

Other topics and chapters are also included in this curriculum for complete coverage and impact.

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In addition to our online classroom, Soft Skill offers an option to avail the largest E-Library for any kind of reference.  Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date study materials for extra reference and guide. The research and development centre of excellence is attached to it for easy access to all references. We hope you must join Soft Skills for this facility