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Do you want to become a Professional & Modern Counsellor? Corporate Soft Skills introduces you most advanced Counselling Courses to make you the top-level counsellor in your field. We cover the most needed modern curriculum in this course for counselling skills.



Professional & Amicable Faculties for a Fearless Learning Environment.

The writers, researchers and master trainers equippped with zero arrogance, high ethics of politeness and full of wisdom for a joyful learning experience, are engaged as faculties in our centres for your best care and support.

Provides Practice Based Advanced & Effective Study Materials

Unmatching, superior and Innovative study materials blended with maximum practive, interactions and participation are provided for quick and impactful results.

Offers Both Classroom (Offline) Sessiona & Live (Online) Sessions

Our courses offer both classroom and online sessions, giving students the flexibility to choose their preferred format. The impact of online classes are at par with the offline sessions.

Removes Complete Psychological Blockage By Regular Counselling Sessions

Regular group and individual counselling sessions are conducted for the learners to overcome all psychological and emotional barriers for confidance, courage and better performance output.

Multidimensional Activities, Stage Performances, Discussions, Conversations & Debates

Various & multiple activities are planned in our curriculum for participations, engagements and pragmatic utilization of all the skills and awareness for performance and demonstration.

Regular Monitoring, Assessments, Videography, Tests, Interviews, Feedbacks & Quizzes

Evidential monitoring and assessments are regularly conducted for continus improvization and support in term of various methods said above.

Improvement & Satisfaction Guaranteed & Assured from Day-1

Your improvement starts from Day-1. We have honest, ethical and very effectiive contents, sequence and professional methods those assure you of sure development feelings from day one.



Elementary Level Certtificate Course & Coverage

  1. Counselling Environment
  2. Counselling Psychology
  3. Counselling Mindsets
  4. Professional Ethics & Confidentiality
  5. Active Listening Skills
  6. Counselling Areas & Topics
  7. Counselling Objectives
  8. Formal Manners & Etiquette in Counselling
  9. Effective Counselling Methods
  10. Counselling Challenges
  11. Maintain Records Legals
Duration- 3 Months
Course Fee-
₹ 50000
DISCOUNT- ₹ 5000
Fee After Discount
Full Pay ₹ 45000
Installment Pay ₹ 46000


Intermediate Level Diploma Course & Coverage

  1. All the Coverage of Elementary Level Plus
  2. Intellectual Theories for Counselling
  3. Counselling Myths
  4. Counselling Approaches
  5. Counselling Harmony
  6. Counselling Behaviour
  7. Counselling Practices- Tricks & Techniques
  8. Emotional Intelligence in Counselling
  9. Counselling Observation & Readings
  10. Counselling Safety & Security Measures
  11. Counselling Intelligence
Duration- 6 Months

Course Fee-
₹ 100000
DISCOUNT- ₹ 10000
Fee After Discount
Full Pay ₹ 90000
Installment Pay ₹ 93000

Dr. Sharmila Pradhan

Professor @ O&G VIMSAR Burla

“I express unfathomable gratitude to Corporate Soft Skills for their tremendous dedication and support to all the learners. I am surprized by their commitment and proven results. They put their 100% efforts. I am blessed by studying here.”

Corporate Soft Skills training provides a high quality platform for developing and producing skilled and proactive individuals for empowered human resources. They encourage ethical values, patriotism and civic sense among the learners. Everyone must join courses in this institution, regardless of their profession or age. I feel so proud of getting trained here. Now, I am smart and intelligent.

Dr. Lakshmi Narayan Rath

President @ Medical O&G Society

“Learning has no end. I started learning here at Corporate Soft Skills at my 70 years of age. I found that the contents, presentations, quality of delivery and their passion for our progress and improvement were above my imagination. I am overwhelmed. “

“This is a unique institution that provides excellent Skill Development Courses. As I have studied here and I definitely improved to a higher level. I am happy and satisfied. Hence, I strongly recommend all the students, professionals, and employees to join their courses for assured development. I feel proud of this great institution in my 70s. I indeed love this wonderful institution.”

CA Niraj Kumar Singh

Director @ Niraj Singh & Co

“If you ask me, “Where can I solve all my life’s challenges?” I will recommend you with 100% assurance to go to Corporate Soft Skills and see, all your challenges are vanished by their powerful mentors. I often get surprized by their beautiful care and manners in delivering their services so effectively. I could not but praise them throughout my life.”

Corporate Soft Skills is the best skills centre in India. Here, personal attention is given to all the learners. They remove all your psychological blockages. They teach us everything to help us develop ourselves. In short, this is the one-stop solution for everything. I strongly recommend and assure all of you to join courses here for holistic & guaranteed development. I am very fortunate.