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Our Training & Services

  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • KRA & KPA Management Training
  • Managerial Skills Training
  • Interview Conducting Skills
  • Cross Cultural Adaptation Skills
  • Change Management Skills
  • Cognitive Behavioral Skills
  • Intellectual Counselling
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Happy Mariage Counselling
  • Relationship & Dispute Counselling
  • Goal Setting & Career Planning
  • Mobile Addiction Counselling
  • Stress & Wellbeing Counselling
  • Failure Handling Counselling

Web & App Services

  • Website Development Services
  • App Development Services
  • Domain & Hosting Services
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Content Management
  • Digital Branding & Marketing
  • SEO & SM Optimized
  • Multimedia Production
  • Visa Consultancy Services
  • Study Consultancy Services
  • Job & Career Consultancy Services
  • Business Consultancy Services
  • Financial Consultancy Services
  • NGO Consultation Services
  • Medical Consultation Services
  • Investment Consultancy Services

Other Services

  • Multi-Level Branding Services
  • Content Designing & Editing Services
  • Profile Designing Services
  • Research Paper Editing & Compiling 
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Pre Placement Training
  • HR Placement Services
  • Event Management & Tourism
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Corporate Soft Skills is a centre of excellence for multidimensional skills Research & Training. It is a platform for holistic performance enhancement for universities, corporate, group and individuals.  We assure the quality delivery of our performance in excellent precision and competence all the times.

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Academic Director

We believe in ethical practice in training & education for the development of skilful individuals who are unstoppable and uncsalable to achieve any projection they set after being trained by Corporate Soft Skills. We thank all our stakeholders for making us India’s Top Skills Trainers.

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Corporate Soft Skills follows its optimal standard protocol for the smooth functioning of all our training, research and accomplishment. We take great care of our clients for a long term relationship. We always focus on continuous improvization and reformation for an effective output for all the services.

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FAQs on Services

Corporate Soft Skills offers the following services in this link. Please click on the link below and visit.


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FAQs on Courses

All the delicate and essential skills required for an individual to achieve success in any fields, are known as Soft Skill. It includes the following listed skills:

  1. Excellent Professional Commuication Skills
  2. Counselling & Behavioural Skills
  3. Managerial & Leadership Skills
  4. Tech-Savvy, Makeshift & IT Skills
  5. Cognitive Skills & Smart Learning Skills
  6. Life Skills, Happiness & Holistic Wellbeing
  7. Proactive & Problem Solving Skills
  8. Goal Setting & Target Management Skills
  9. Emotional Intelligence & NLP Skills
  10. Account Keeping Skills

These important skills are very much essential for you to enhance your performance and potentialities for an excellent display of your talent and capabilities.

Success in any field is not possible without having Soft Skills. Soft Skills are all those skills that are required for every individual to perform exceelent in all walks of life such as in personal, academic, social and professional areas. Performance in any field of activities can alway be excellent if you have developed Soft Skills in you. Life without Soft Skills gives us failures in our participation.

Corporate Soft Skills offers the following courses in this link. Please click on the link below.


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Corporate Soft Skills offers the following levels of courses.

  1. Primary / Elementary Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Professional Level
  4. Advanced Level
  5. Trainer’s Level
  6. Associate Level
  7. Master Level
  8. Research Level

The Professional Level Course Package is very popular among all.

Please follow this process & instructions:

  1. Please click open the Online Adsmission Link
  2. Please Fill this form online.
  3. Please Pay the Admission Money.
  4. Please Check your Email.
  5. Adsmission is done.

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Any person can join our courses.

Admission fee 50%

Monthy Installment 40%

Yes, of course, All the courses are certified. A course completion certificate is given to the participants only after NOC from our Admin as well as the successful completion of the opted course.

Refuld is initiated when it is proved that there is zero improvement within one month period or else rewfund is not entertained.

We have the provision of multiple mode of payment as follows:

  1.  Online Bank Transfer Pay
  2. UPI Pay
  3. Cash Pay at Cash Counter

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Corporate Soft Skills’ Famous Quotes: * “Discipline is the strong execution of awareness on real time” * “Every event is a learning opportunity which we must not name as mistake”

“Hi Friends!  Soft Skill includes all the skills associated with all kinds of performance enhancement in terms of Self-Development, Self-Grooming, Logical Awareness, Faculty Building, Effective Communication Skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Affirmative Beliefs, Assertiveness, Stress Management & Proactiveness in personal, academic, intellectual, social and professional areas. Soft Skill means the precise application of all the integrated wisdom within. Join us for a guaranteed & holistic performance enhancement in all areas.”

– S Swakant | CEO & Managing Director | Corporate Soft Skills

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Soft Skills Council of Training Research & Development Team is always engaged in finding out all possible updates and innovation with an absolutely creative approach all the times.

The services we provide you, support your optimal need and accomplishment fetching you unturned success in all your endeavors. Our services include Corporate Training, Website & App Development, IT Services, Information Technology & Electronic Solution Placement Consultancy, Counselling and much more. We believe in the best quality and delivery of all our services with ethical practices.Assuring all the courses & services of Soft Skills definitely enhance your delicate professional and social skills which are essential for achieving your goals and objectives with precision and perfection.