Impact of Happiness & Performance Enhancement Course

  • Develop keen observation, interest and active learning environment among the participants.
  • Enhance unfathomable happiness and holistic performance in all aspects of activities.
  • Expand superior mental and physical abilities and sportiveness with invincible potential.
  • Develop superhumans with unimaginable creativity, subtle skills and consciousness.
  • Grow feelgood, morals, discipline, obedience, ethics, civic sense and gracious citizenship.
  • Improve effective communication skills, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Promote cross cultural adaptation, harmony and socialization for unity and integrity.
  • Remove all psychological barriers and develop high level of confidence and bravery.
  • Manage stress, time, failures and success with positive story making habits and affirmations.
  • Establish the Truth, Freedom, Values, morals and Wisdom among the participants.
  • Encourage hard work, smart work, benevolence, patriotism, service and dedication.


“360 Degree Coverage can only bring the absolute impact into play in the field. We assure, ensure and ascertain you that you can create a new horizon in the field of futuristic education and set a new history with the initiation of this course by you. Let us begin a new era of optimized education with your initiative and our endeavors by inducting this marvelous course as soon as possible. “

Happiness & Performance Enhancement Course Coverage

The prevailing training & education in India has been lacking in this regard for which most of the organizations have poor team-spirit, poor-coordination, leg-pulling, ego-clash, jealousness, unethical-competitions, loneliness, aggressiveness, misbehaving-etiquettes, non-cooperation and last but not the least total team failure as a whole. Soft Skill conducts extensive study, research, and training on these delicate areas of pragmatic education. From our study on several educational institutions and business organizations, we find that most of the organizations suffer from the missing links of adding sincere values to these X-Factors in their Teaching-Learning curriculums. Copying the old pattern of education for the past 70 years, very few organizations pave the way to modern reformation and inclusion of our recommended areas of study both for the students and the faculties for a holistic change and transformation that guarantee the superior performance of every individual.

If you want to be creative, focused, enthusiastic, dedicated, united, team-spirited, motivated, energetic and successful in professional, social and personal fields, you must have to be happy, joyful and satisfied all the times, or else all your efforts and work become abortive and failure by dint of the discoordination and imbalance of your psychosomatic well-being that is apparently responsible for whatever impact you witness at the end. As you know, it is an urgent cry at this moment for every individual to enhance one’s Happiness Index above 70% for leading a successful professional life. It is high time one should put serious focus on the training and development of all these X-Factors for overcoming and achieving the optimal and multidimensional usage of all the inner potentialities in professional and social fields. That is why this course of happiness is essential for all the students and faculties of all institutions for enhancing their performance, team-spirit and academic excellence. Soft Skill brings out all hidden potentialities from an individual. Soft Skill develops and links all other skills and knowledge into an integrated and organized network that fills all missing gaps. Soft Skill fetches definite success in all prospects.

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