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Hi Friends!

Never sit worried . Be careless and brave .
Come out for Work . Step out now on your Goal.
Thinking about problems aggravates the problems more intensely . Every complaint brings greater complaints . Hopelessness attracts more frustration . Solution just chases behind but people with problem motive never find the riddle and trapped in the hell of self created pit . You are the Hero , the magnificent creation , the powerful Energy who has the power to evolve like a Mountain from the hot lava and show the world you are invincible , you are the source of all inspiration , you are the assembly of Thousand creations , A Manly Man of One who God salutes . Never forget that you are the God . Hence your body , mind , soul , thought , action , result is God’s activities . Be sure that you are Gold which shines more when rubbed . Get up friend ! Be alive ! Move ahead . I am sure Success kisses you soon . Love you all .



Hi Friends!

Accepting everything is a difficult task. Rejecting anything gives us pain and makes us nucleus. People are less aware of the traits they follow in their outer and inner consciousness on acceptance and adaptation. The input of their traits results in what kind of personality they will become.  We opt for four adaptations traits of various aspects are as follows.

1.     I am Right and all are Right

This adaptation makes us excellent leader, motivator, active listener, confident, satisfied, forgiveness, stress-free, disciplined, controlled, balanced, patient, cheerful, loving, high morals, benevolent, adaptable, forgiver, intellectual, trust, social, adjustable, flexible, selfless, wise, intelligent, superior, and successful above all other traits below. This type of individual is a powerful human being. But, a few people belong to this awareness on account of the habitual inclination of judgement, calculations and ego.

2.     I am Right and all are Wrong

This choice of trait makes us arrogant, unsocial, selfish, poor listener, unfaithful, nucleus, non-adjustable, undisciplined, non-adaptable, complaining, fault finding, revenging, impatient, low morals, non-intellectual, dictators, uncontrolled, perfectionist, rigid, confident, foolishly satisfied, superfluous, lonely and failure. A lot of people belong to this category and die isolated at the end.

3.     I am Wrong and all are Right

This type of people become cheerless, depressed, obsessed, withdrawn, insipid, low-confident, undisciplined, uncontrolled, non-intellectual, easily influenced, masochist, listener, suicidal, dissatisfied, self-destructive, inferior, social and failure. They always seek others help so they are often misled, cheated and abused. Their overdependence and comparison with others make them frustrated and suicidal.  

4.     I am Wrong and all are Wrong

People with this type of trait are unsocial, criminals, sadist, terrorist, dissatisfied, impatient, rigid, arrogant, abusive, fraud, no morals, inhuman, destructive, hateful, cheerless, undisciplined, uncontrolled, lawbreaker, impatient, mentally disturbed and irresponsible. People with this trait are dangerous to society.


If you believe and declare that nothing is a mistake by transforming every event into a wonderful learning experience, you can welcome every odd evenly like a magnificent personality of universal love, acceptance, respect and care.


If you want everybody to love you from the core, you must appreciate all selflessly and unconditionally without envy by finding the hidden aesthetic values in every individual. Finally, believe that you are in all and all are in you without discrimination.



Hi Friends!

Ego is the awareness of falsehood and pretension in your memory which is induced from the false declaration of existence, identity, ownership, relationship and work filled with attachment, selfishness, greediness, differences, comparison, complaint, dissatisfaction, guilt and anger. Hence, be aware that you are in Absolute Falsehood.
Oh, man! Wake up! Realise the Truth.
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