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Do you want to crack IELTS from the first attempt with more than 7.5 band score?

Soft Skill offers you the most important course for IELTS preparation that gives you sure success in acquiring sufficient Band Score. Let us now discover the full coverage of IELTS preparation courses offered by Soft Skill.

You can see that we have full features for IELTS preparation course such as, 360° coverage of speaking, writing, reading, and listening to secret theories and tricks.

  • We do enormous practice as per Cambridge and British Council standards.
  • Frequent Vary Similar Tests are conducted with accurate scores prediction.
  • Classes are  taken by TESOL Qualified Expert Trainers from Trinity College, London ( Hindi & Simple English instructions are supported for needy candidates)
  • Complete doubt clearance sessions and care are emphasized for all candidates.

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IELTS Course Coverage

Friends! Studying abroad is a dream of many of you. Working in a foreign land is very fascinating for a lot of individuals. Both these dreams are possible only when you crack the IELTS exam with more than 7.5 band score. If you are one among them, Soft Skill is the best destination to drive you forward. 


Our IELTS preparation Course includes a complete list of skills required for IELTS aspirants to score more than 7.5 band score. The IELTS course package covers all aspects and techniques on the following skills, such as 

  1. Speaking Skills
  2. Reading Skills
  3. Listening Skills
  4. Writing Skills



            The impact of this course gives you the result with an assured band score of more than 7 in the IELTS test provided you follow all our instruction sincerely. Secondly, your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills will be improved to a greater extent.

Soft Skills' Exclusive E-Library

In addition to our online classroom, Soft Skill offers an option to avail the largest E-Library for any kind of reference.  Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date study materials for extra reference and guide. The research and development centre of excellence is attached to it for easy access to all references. We hope you must join Soft Skills for this facility