It is fascinating to learn a new language. When it comes to French, it has more than 80 million native speakers in the globe. Most often, it is treated as the second international language in various countries. A lot of multinational companies prefer French-speaking employees as an extra advantage for cross-cultural and multi-lingual communication.

Soft Skill covers the prescribed curriculum of French Language Tests as follows.

  • DELF-A1: This curriculum covers the basic foundation of the French language for beginners. This is the discovery stage, where the learner can simply interact in French. It includes speaking, writing, reading & listening to French at a primary level.
  • DELF-A2: This test covers the elementary level of the French curriculum with linguistic competency for a basic French learner.
  • DELF-B1: This level covers a more communicative approach in French for making interactions, discussions, opinions, and new situations for the French learner.
  • DELF-B2: This level improves better arguments, debate, explanations & negotiation with fluency in the French Language for the learner.
  • DALF-C1: It enhances the higher level of language competency in French in the advanced level with superior grip in terms of speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.
French Course Coverage

Do you want to learn the French language and become an expert French speaker? Moving on to our most popular course in French Diploma, I would like to introduce you to the French language’s new and advanced course in association with Ecruitment solutions, Puducherry. As you know, Puducherry is the French hub in India. Learn French from Soft Skill from expert native French trainers. All the courses are certified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Let’s know the benefits of enrolling in this course.

  1. We provide you 100% assurance of placements in top MNCs where you can earn 4 to 6 lakhs rupees per annum after doing the full French course up to level DELF-C1.
  2. You become a French language expert as an added career advantage.
  3. You will have considerable opportunities to earn more in various areas of employment.
  4. You crack all the test levels smoothly from DELF-A1 onwards.

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