Our SoftSkill Courses

Tie-up Procedure ::

 Soft Skill ties up with various institutions to offer a comprehensive training session. This training programme enhances the value of the tied up institutions by imparting their students the training course in English Communication Skills Enhancement Programme for all-round development and uplifting their performance to the optimal extent. This training course in English Communication Skills Enhancement Programme is proceeded by the courses of studies as in the aforementioned curricular module (As per training Module-1A, page 8). Our contract is made for two years of duration, and our training session is conducted within this period. The tie-up is finalised as in the following procedure.  

  1. Meetings
    1. First Meet (To discuss your requirement & our solutions)
    2. Second Meet (To discuss the proposal & impact presentation)
    3. Third Meet (To submit the proposal by us & discuss necessary changes)
  2. Finalization
    1. To send us a final consent letter of interest to initiate the further process.
  3. Tie-up Agreement
    1. An agreement is made and sent between the two parties.
  4. Advertisement & Publicity
    1. Publicity documents & advertisement work is initiated in the relevant departments.
  5. Commencement
    1. Classes are scheduled
    2. Classes are commenced and continued as scheduled
  6. Accounts & Fee Collection
    1. Advance Fee collection is to be made
    2. Continuous Fee collection is to be initiated
  7. Reports
    1. Bi-Monthly report & feedback is submitted
    2. Final Report is provided after a Grand Test & Feedback
  8. Certifications
    1. Certificates are printed
    2. Certificates are filled and signed
  9. Closing
    1. A closing ceremony is organised
    2. Certificates are distributed among the participants