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1. Feedback & Success Story

Neelam Vishwakarma (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Obvious the Best spoken English institute in India. The most wonderful institution where its teaching methods , techniques defines its incredible and incomparable quality. I am really very much helpful from the knowledge I gained from Soft Skill. Soft Skill provides the best learning environment through which we are able to learn anything without memorizing.

 2. Feedback & Success Story

Bidyadhar Behera (Rated 5 Stars *****) 


The best methods to improve language skills in English. They provide very innovative note materials to the students. I developed quickly after joining Soft Skill. I suggest all to join Soft Skill for the best training and learning experience.

 3. Feedback & Success Story

Jyoti Lakra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the most interesting English language institute in India. Their classes and material are mind blowing and brain storming. I feel proud to be a student of this institution and I do recommend all must join Soft Skill for their definite improvement.

 4. Feedback & Success Story

Divyani Tudu (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Softskill is a great institute for all round personality development. It helped me gain self confidence and faith in myself. And this has a very positive effect on my life! Thank You Soft skill for improving my life!

 5. Feedback & Success Story

Jitu Yadav (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

**Technical skills may get u the job but soft skills can make you or break u as a powerful leader****##thnku so much soft skill.

 6. Feedback & Success Story

Tofan Chandra Behera (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best English Language institution in India. I feel great studying here and improved my English and personality to an excellent level. Everyone! Must join Soft skill soon.

 7. Feedback & Success Story

Neha Vishwakarma (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill institution creates the best platform to improve one's personality, communication skills and all essential skills. Its unique teaching learning process, innovative methods and powerful motivation fetch unturned success, hence it is the most preferred destination for all job and skill seekers.

 8. Feedback & Success Story

Vikash Singh (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the BEST ENGLISH INSTITUTION in INDIA, the teachers are highly trained and provide the right kind of teaching. It's a very unique institution where not only academic but also the overall personality is grown. I am very privileged and proud to be a part of life changing Institution.

 9. Feedback & Success Story

Nikhil Meher (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

This is the most wonderful institution in India 😍😘❤️💓💕 I'm proud of being a student of this institution.

They provide excellent skill development training in India. Recently Soft Skill is awarded SIKSHA BHARATI AWARD 2017 in New Delhi. I appeal everybody to join soft skill.

 10. Feedback & Success Story

Prativa Padhi (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Here classes are very much exciting. It's helps greatly increase our English knowledge in its easier techniques. I feel proud to be a student of this institute.

 11. Feedback & Success Story

Sapneswar Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is the institute which one famous for brain storming, personal skills development, communication skills development & also a mostly awarded in National level.... Also I have seen the quality of education in my family members.......

 12. Feedback & Success Story

Avinandan Khuntia (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

I would say It's really a wonderful institution in India. It helps everyone to reach such a position of being capable of everything in all fields. I could develop my personality through it. I am felling so much proud for being a student of this Institution.

 13. Feedback & Success Story

Nasreen Begum (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

In today's competitive world it is very much essential to have a good personality n have a good command and fluency in English language. Soft skill is not only help to build a strong foundation for English language but also help us to build up a strong personality and face the world......

 14. Feedback & Success Story

Laxmi Majhi (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

This is an best institution for improving communication skills. I study in soft skill. I developed huge confidence after learning here. Dear all must join soft skill.

 15. Feedback & Success Story

Payal Gupta (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is the best institute for the students who want to develop their spoken English. Teaching style is also unique and gives motivation and encouragement to each students very well.🙂

 16. Feedback & Success Story

Kamalini Bhanja (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft kills is a best institute to develop your language skill. I improved my language skill soon because Swakant sir taught English very simple methods. I feel proud to being a student of Soft Skills.

 17. Feedback & Success Story

Sibaprasad Swain (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is a Good institute. Swakant Sir is so friendly with us. We can share any type of problem with him. He is a Great advisor. He is an Expert teacher and also a good friend.

 18. Feedback & Success Story

Abhinaba Mishra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft skill is one of the best institutions of India. The teaching style of swakant sir is incredible. The classes are not only English knowledge gaining but also motivational, life knowing ,energy enhancing and encephalon which rejuvenates the depth of knowledge of English grammar as well as literature and communication skill given by swakant sir is the best. Anyone can get best knowledge from soft skill.

 19. Feedback & Success Story

Aparna Panda (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

I feel myself very much lucky, being a part of soft skills . I learned many new things there , like :_

Presentation skills, how to interact with people, what should be our body language , posture and the way of answering questions in a viva, time management, to aim high, how to change or adapt a habit & English speaking and many more. Thanks a lot for all these sir.

 20. Feedback & Success Story

Bhaktaram Dora (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is The BEST & MOTIVATIONAL INSTITUTE of the WORLD where we get the highest level of education and personality development training. I am feeling very proud to be a part of this institute.

 21. Feedback & Success Story

Santosh Patnaik (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is a best institute. I got so many ideas from Soft Skill to make myself in a proper way.

 22. Feedback & Success Story

Niraj Singh (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is The BEST & MOTIVATIONAL INSTITUTE of the WORLD where we get the highest level of education and personality development training. I feel very proud to be a part of this institute.

 23. Feedback & Success Story

Ureka Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Really it is the best institute in India for development of communication skill.... M so glad to be a student of this institute.....

 24. Feedback & Success Story

Bibhu Prasad Sahoo (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best way to learn communication skills and enhance your performance in all areas.

 25. Feedback & Success Story

Amit Kumar Jena (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

At Soft skill the best teaching skill is provided by our Swakant Sir.

26. Feedback & Success Story

Dr. Mamata Soren (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skills is the best Spoken English & communication skills development institution

27. Feedback & Success Story

Tapaswini Mahapatra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the best spoken English institution.

28. Feedback & Success Story

Mohammed Fahim (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

beyond expectations learning experience

29. Feedback & Success Story

Sucharita Mohapatra (Rated 5 Stars *****) 

Soft Skill is the Best institution. My life changed into a skilled personality after joining Soft Skill.