Our SoftSkill Courses

Our Innovation ::

Every class of Soft Skills passes through the following TLS ( Teaching  Learning Sequence ) which is very technical and scientific. Soft Skill goes through a very interesting & penetrating method of induction. We follow an advanced way and sequence to optimize the entire circuit of perfect learning output. Our TLS sequence passes through the following nine steps for every topic & chapters of curriculum during each topic of the training.

 1. Environment Creation

a)      Interest & Importance Creation

b)      Induction of Awareness

2. Fundamental Background Linkage

a)      Explanation of Fundamental Associated Concepts

b)      Link Background Assembly

3. Concept

a)      Explain & Define the Core Concept ( What )

b)      Explain the Logical Arguments ( Why )

c)      Explain the Usage & Sequence ( How )

d)      Compact Presentation & Recapitulation of Important Ideas

4. Demonstration

a)      Deliver a Demo

b)      Link up your Demo with the Usage Explanation

5. Initial Practice Induction

a)      Induce a Topic among the Learners

b)      Encouragement & Motivation Environment

c)      Monitor Individual Performance & Awareness

6. Reviews & Rectification

a)      Individual Reviews & Feedback

b)      Rectification & Modification Suggestion

c)      Motivation & Inspiration

7. Class Work & Drills

a)      Give Class Work & Self Study

b)      Make Sufficient Drills

8. Final Practice Induction

a)      Induce a Topic Based Application Practice

b)      Videography of the Final Individual Performance

c)      Monitor Individual Performance & Change  Adaptation

d)      Put your Feedback & further Suggestion

9. Quiz & Test

a)      Make a Comprehension Quiz

b)      Share the Answers

c)      Suggest Self Study & Practice

Curriculum Design

Active Listening Skills:

(Develop active listening skills to be quick and smart learner with better memory & intelligence)

The students are trained to be active listeners for a focused and effective learning experience during the TLP to maximize the Memory-Intelligence-Performance output.

Unlimited Sentence Generation Skills:

(Speak & write unlimited types of sentences knowing the meaning and psychology)

These innovative techniques enable our students write and speak all kinds of sentences with psychological interpretation skills and understanding. Hence, our student becomes an excellent sentence making factory in English to express all thoughts and ideas.

Spontaneous Description Skills:

(Narrate any topic in English spontaneously and effortlessly in a better sequence)

This innovative technique promotes the students describe anything effortlessly in a track without botheration and blockage of Translation, Copy, Conversion & by heart with ever growing fluency. Hence, our trainee becomes an excellent narrator of any topic in English.

Dynamic Conversation Skills:

(Converse dynamically at any place in any situations effortlessly with any individual)

To boost dynamic and situational conversations among the students, we make versatile conversation drills practice by the candidates on diversified circumstances in social and professional relationships.

Psycholinguistic Skills:

(Develop psychological interpretation skills for better comprehension and communication)

The psychological interpretation values of every words and sentences in all expressions in international communication standards are trained and practised for a better cross cultural communication among the students.

Language Skills:

(Develop all necessary grammatical awareness for strong knowledge base and confidence)

Our students are trained on all grammatical aspects of all words, phrases and sentence types to draw confidence on English language. We also train our students on Accent &  IPA ( Phonetics ) keeping the international standards intact.

Knowledge Application Skills:

(Apply knowledge into various practice modules for optimal applications)

We do sufficient drills and practices among the students on all perspective and aspects of communication skills associated with Written English Communication to Spoken English Communication, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications.

Motivation & Counselling Skills:

(Remove all Psychological, emotional and mental blockage by Counselling and motivation)

We encourage and motivate every student for their best performance and confidence. We enhance the IQ, EQ and Emotional Intelligence among the students. We do group Counselling for affirmative belief management among the students for a better display of their performance with supportive psychological aspects of logical understanding and confidence building. We also offer one to one private Counselling for the students with major psychological blockage and disorders.

Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation Protocol:

(Individual and group monitoring protocol for zero error assessment and evaluation)

We conduct everyday  test of comprehension, regular Videography of individual and group performance monitoring, Regular Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests, Psychological Tests, IQ & EQ level tests for superior monitoring and assessment of every individual report.

 Our instructor goes through the following process & instructions in our TLP:

a)      Environment Creation for interest & importance of the topic

b)      Fundamental Knowledge Delivery for the easiness of the topic

c)      Explanation of What-Why-How Concept of the Topic

d)      Practice, Application, Quiz & Drills

e)      Comprehension Test for Reception Monitoring

f)       Revision & Doubt Clearance Sweep

g)      Instant Re-correction of class-work & homework

h)      Videography & Improvement Monitoring

 Our learners follow the following process & instructions sincerely:

a)      Our learners must be punctual and sincere all the times during the sessions.

b)      Our learners must be an active listener during the class sessions.

c)      Our learners must maintain absolute discipline in our smart class.

d)      Our learners must do 5 sets of homework from each topic or chapter.

e)      Our learners must get the homework / class work checked immediately.

f)       Our learners must read aloud the checked homework once a day for 10 days.

g)      Our learners must inform Soft Skill before being absent from any class with cause.

h)      Our learners must always abide by the rules & regulations of Soft Skills.