Our SoftSkill Courses

Course-Coverage-Impact ::

Sl. Name of the Course Level Coverage
1-Expert Level Written English Dual Expert A ECS-1 to ECS-62
    B ECS-1 to ECS-42
  C ECS-1 to ECS-42
2-Intermediate Level Written English Intermediate A ECS-1 to ECS-20
B ECS-1 to ECS-15
C ECS-1 to ECS-10
3-Primary Level Written English Primary A ECS-1 to  ECS-9
B ECS-1 to ECS-5
C ECS-1 to ECS-4
4-Customised Level Written English Customized A GD-PI-Presentation
C PI (Personal Interview)
5-Online Level Written English Online A ECS-1 to ECS-34
B ECS-1 to ECS-18
C ECS-1 to ECS-10
D ECS-1 to ECS-6
6-Trial Class Any Course A ECS-1 to ECS-3
B ECS-1 to ECS-2

The following topics have the proven impact as mentioned in this tabulatuion.

Code Topic Coverage Impact
ECS-1 Daily Events Description Skills Enables you to describe daily event reporting
ECS-2 Present Events Description Skills One can describe any kind of habitual events reporting
ECS-3 Future Events Description Skills  One is able to describe all future events, dreams & fantasies 
ECS-4 Past Events Description Skills One is able to describe all kinds of past events & reporting
ECS-5 Multidimensional Aspects of Description Skills Develops the awareness of Multi-angular description skills
ECS-6 All-Round Description Skills  Describes 90% topics effortlessly
ECS-7 Multi-Angular Present State/ Now State Description Skills  One can describe all types of present topics
ECS-8 Multi-Angular Past State/ Previous State Description Skills  One learns to describe all types of past topics 
ECS-9 Multi-Angular Future State/ Later State Description Skills  Enables you todescribe all types of future topics
ECS-10 Multi-Angualr Process Description Skills Gives you ability to describe all kinds of process  
ECS-11 Phonetics, Ponunciation & Words Mispronounced Rectify all pronunciation errors & learns IPA & Accent
ECS-12 Verb, Forms & Types Develops Language Skills on Verbs
ECS-13 Grammatical Agreement: NP-V, V-V & Sequence Rectify grammatical errors in your speech & sentences
ECS-14 Basic Sentence Making Skills: 12 Basic Structures Make unlimited sentences from 12 basic aspects
ECS-15 Fluency Drills: 108 Forms Learn unlimited affirmatiom, negation & interrogation
ECS-16 The Concept of Modal Develop the basic language skills on the grammar of modals
ECS-17 Polite Expression-1: Request, Acceptance & Rejection Learn to request, accept & reject someone politely 
ECS-18 Polite Expression-2: Permission, Acceptance & Rejection Learn to seek permission, accept & reject someone politely 
ECS-19 Ability Epression: Talent, Skills & Achievements Express various kinds of abilities & skills presentaion
ECS-20 Possibility Expression: Minimum, Confusing & Maximum Express various possibilities in communication
ECS-21 Suggestion Expression: Idea, Opinion & Proposal Suggest somebody in various dimensions
ECS-22 Advice Expression: Instruction, Direction & Compulsion Advice somebody in various mode 
ECS-23 Willingness Expression: Personal, Social & Imaginary Express all types of willigness in the best communicative way
ECS-24 Necessity Expression: Personal, Official & Urgent Express various necessities inpersonal & professional life
ECS-25 Courage Expression: Bravery, Morals & Weakness Exhibit courage, bravery, morals & weakness expression
ECS-26 Certainty Expression: Promise, Threat, Confidence, Decision  Express promise, threat, determination & decision confidently
ECS-27 Past Habit Expression: Past Frequency Describe past habitual events properly in past reporting
ECS-28 Prohibition Expression: Restriction, Ban & Bar Express disagreement, pohibition & restriction
ECS-29 Modal-wise Compact Presentation  Recapitulate the overall usage of modals & expression 
ECS-30 The Concept of Tense, Time & Aspects Develop proper language skills on Tense, Time & Aspect
ECS-31 The Usage of Past Time & Aspects Learn language skills on Past Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-32 The Usage of Present Time & Aspects Learn language skills on Present Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-33 The Usage of Future Time & Aspects Learn language skills on Future Time, Aspects & Usage
ECS-34 Aspect-wise Compact Presentation & Collborations Recapitulate the overall usage of Time, Aspects & Usage 
ECS-35 The Quality Factors & Parameters in Communication Skills Develop awareness on quality control parameters in CS
ECS-36 Manners, Etiquette & Formal Expression Skills Learn various manners, ettiquette & formal expression 
ECS-37 Situational Conversation Skills Converse people with various professions & situations
ECS-38 Dynamic Conversation Skills Converse people with dynamic topics randomly
ECS-39 Telephonic Conversation Skills Learn telecalling, social & professional tele-conversation 
ECS-40 Group Discussion Skills (GD) Discuss any topic with multi factoral points in a GD
ECS-41 Presentation & Seminar Skills (PPT) Present professional talks & seminars with PPT slides
ECS-42 Personal Interview Skills (PI) Appear interview with intention matching answers 
ECS-43 Extempore Speech & Debate Skills Develop speech & debate spontaneously without preparation
ECS-44 Live Commentry & Stage Handling Skills Develop language skills & practice for live commentry 
ECS-45 Presiding over a Meeting Skills Conduct meetings with official communication skills
ECS-46 Talk & Lecture Delivery Skills Deliver the Teaching-Learning Sequence effectively
ECS-47 Concept of Clauses & Sentense Types Learn the modern concept of clause & sentense types
ECS-48 Simple Sentences, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Simple Sentences & Types
ECS-49 Concept of Conjunctions, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Conjunction & Types
ECS-50 Compound Sentenses, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Compound Sentences & Types
ECS-51 Complex Sentences, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Complex Sentences & Types
ECS-52 Passive Sentences, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Passive Sentences & Types
ECS-53 Causative Sentences, Types & Usage Develop awareness of Causative Sentences & Types
ECS-54 Direct Indirect Narration Change & Usage Develop awareness of Narration Change Skills
ECS-55 Data Analysis & Interpretation Skills Learn Data Transfer & Interpretation Skills
ECS-56 Listening Skills Improve Listening Skills & Comprehension
ECS-57 Speaking Skills Improve Speaking Skills with Fluency, Accent & Pronunciation
ECS-58 Writing Skills Develop Excellent Writing Skills in Data Transcription
ECS-59 Reading Skills Learn Reading Skills, Comprehension, Skimming & Scanning 
ECS-60 Essay Writing Skills Write essay in an impressine sequence format
ECS-61 Research & Journal Papers Writing Skills Learn International Research & Journal Paper Writing Skills
ECS-62 Professional & Business Communication Skills Develop Official & Professional Communication Skills