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Well Being & Healing ::

Soft Skill offers Well Being & Healing course through Subliminal Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The human mind is preoccupied with a lot of false, illusive and material consciousness that influence greatly on one’s thoughts, believes, feelings, actions, attitude, judgement, emotion, personality and on health through a continuous mysterious process. The disintegrated approach to assemble false awareness, knowledge and believes give rise to various bad effects of confusion, failures, worries, depression and all diseases. Therefore, we conduct extensive study and research in this dimension to find absolute and concrete solutions to every disintegration of Thoughts- Believes-Emotion-Feelings-Actions-Results into a highly integrated mechanism towards predesigned targeted & distinctive objectives which is known as Subliminal Cognitive Healings.

 Subliminal Cognitive Healings includes total integration of Thoughts- Believes-Emotion-Feelings-Actions-Results in a highly guided logical counselling, autosuggestion, Subconscious Hypnosis Programming and many more within a multidimensional process and specific approach for various individuals keeping in consideration the problems, objectives and point to point solutions.

Subliminal Cognitive Healings passes through three channels of approaches. The first is based on a central common approach to adaptation. The second one is the specific approach of adaptation in relation to individual problems and solution objectives. The third one is the continuous monitoring and result reading approach to accelerate, strengthen or modify the course of the treatment process to ensure maximum output objectives. 

Soft Skills' Central Common Approach to Adaptation

  1. The Awareness of Ignorance & Knowledge
  2. Knowledge, Awareness & Skills Integration
  3. Absolute Learning Process
  4. The Concept of Truth
  5. The  Concept & Transformation of Ego
  6. The Thought Flow & Belief Concept
  7. The Conscious & Subconscious Mind
  8. The Law of Event Attraction
  9. The Autosuggestion & Visualization
  10. The Adaptation Traits
  11. The Concept of Emotion & Feelings
  12. Emotional-Mental-Physical Health Relation, Coordination, Cause & Effects
  13. Concept of Love
  14. The Concept of Absolute Surrender
  15. Overcoming Guilt, Mistakes & Failures
  16. The Concept of Overwhelming Gratitude
  17. Overcoming Anger & Obsessions
  18. The Feel Good Concept
  19. Overcoming Fear  
  20. The Concept of Memory & Intelligence
  21. The Choice Effects
  22. The Senses, Information  & The Judgment Effects
  23. The Competition Effects
  24. The Survival & Victim Effects
  25. The Intellectual Concept of Wisdom
  26. The Concept of Pain & Pleasure
  27. The Concept of Superior & Inferior Cries
  28. Self Talk & Master Minding Tools
  29. Self-Motivation
  30. Quality Filter Parameters & Emotional Intelligence
  31. Goal Setting & Planning
  32. Guided Meditation
  33. Environment & Cleanliness
  34. The Concept of Morals & Confidence
  35. The Concept of Absolute Freedom
  36. Stress Management
  37. Time Management
  38. Well Being & Living Skills
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