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Teachers Faculty Building ::

Soft Skill offers Teachers' Faculty Building Programme for various institutions.

Teachers Faculty Building is highly essential for every educational institution

The TLS ( Teaching  Learning Sequence ) of Soft Skill is very technical and scientific. Soft Skill goes through a very interesting & penetrating method of induction. We follow an advanced way and sequence to optimize the entire circuit of perfect learning output. Our TLS sequence passes through the following nine steps for every topic & chapters of the curriculum during the training.

Soft Skills’ Teaching Learning Sequence

1. Environment Creation

  • Interest & Importance Creation
  • Induction of Awareness

2. Fundamental Background Linkage

  • Explanation of Fundamental Associated Concepts
  • Link Background Assembly

3. Concept

  • Explain & Define the Core Concept ( What )
  • Explain the Logical Arguments ( Why )
  • Explain the Usage & Sequence ( How )
  • Compact Presentation & Recapitulation of Important Ideas

4. Demonstration

  • Deliver a Demo
  • Link up your Demo with the Usage Explanation

5. Initial Practice Induction

  • Induce a Topic among the Learners
  • Encouragement & Motivation Environment
  • Monitor Individual Performance & Awareness

6. Reviews & Rectification

  • Individual Reviews & Feedback
  • Rectification & Modification Suggestion
  • Motivation & Inspiration

7. Class Work & Drills

  • Give Class Work & Self Study
  • Make Sufficient Drills

8. Final Practice Induction

  • Induce a Topic-Based Application Practice
  • Videography of the Final Individual Performance
  • Monitor Individual Performance & Change  Adaptation
  • Put your Feedback & further Suggestion

9. Quiz & Test

  • Make a Comprehension Quiz
  • Share the Answers
  • Suggest Self Study & Practice

(Develop active listening skills to be quick and smart learner with better memory & intelligence)
The students are trained to be active listeners for a focused and effective learning experience during the TLP to maximize the Memory-Intelligence-Performance output.