About SoftSkill ::

Our Resources:
Our highly skillful and educated mentors with ever developing research expertise trainers are always ready and dedicated to render the services in optimal quality of our prescribed Teaching Learning Protocol for excellent outputs. We have more than 16 years of experience in the study, research, training  and workshop on Soft Skills, especially in Communication Skills and Motivational Counseling Skills.
Our Achievements:
Soft Skill conducts Communication Skills in English Courses for so many individuals, institutions, universities such as; Soft Skill conducts UGC classes in various colleges. Soft Skill takes Language Lab classes in Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur. Soft Skill also organizes Faculty Building Workshops, Summer Camps, Skills Camps, PPT, Career Counseling, Psychological Counseling for psycho-emotional blockage removal sessions, Presentations, International Seminars and numerous activities 24X7 and 365 days ever since Soft Skill comes into existence. We also conduct Soft  Skill classes for  NCC, NSCB College, Women’s College, Agricultural College, Gayatri College of Pharmacy, Engineering Colleges, English Schools, Vernacular Schools, Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Lawyers, Police Officers, Employees, Service Holders, House Wives, Businessmen, Teachers, Students, NGOs and so many individuals. We trained more than 25,000 individuals till date with absolute result, definite improvement and 100 % satisfaction.
Effective Curricular Design:
The successful output of optimal application of knowledge in coordination with memory, intelligence and all senses is known as Skill. The factors boosting skills are knowledge, awareness, habits, confidence, belief, courage, patience, balance, discipline, action, process and integrity. The real aim of training & education must be towards the development of Powerful and skilful human beings of highest leadership and contribution for making of a path finder for the upcoming generations. Education is incomplete without Soft Skills because without it someone can never discover the multidimensional world of skills and wisdom nor does one even contribute anything to themselves nor for their society nor for the nation. Human life cannot discover greater and more superior future possibilities without building Soft Skills. Soft Skill brings out all hidden potentialities from an individual. Soft Skill develops and links all others skills and knowledge into an integrated and organized network that fills all missing gaps. Soft Skill fetches unturned success in all prospective. Soft Skill includes all those skills required for an individual to be an adaptable perfectionist in one’s social, professional & intellectual lives. Soft Skill includes all the skills associated with Self-Development, Self-Grooming, Faculty Building, Communication Skills, Smart Brain, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Affirmative Believes, Etiquette, Attitude, Ego Handling Skills, Leadership, Stress Management, Cross Cultural Adaptation, Change Management, Confession, Morals, Honesty, Expressiveness, determination, Confidence, Decision Making, Intellectual Logic, Crisis Handling, Emotional Intelligence, Presence of Mind, Organization Skills, Team Spirit Skills and much more ….
Every one possesses some knowledge but less people apply knowledge in their lives. Unutilized knowledge becomes an ignorant burden but Applied knowledge becomes Real Intelligence and skill. The greatest enemy of true knowledge is not really ignorance but the false knowledge and false awareness we keep with a foolish egoistic satisfaction. Therefore, Soft Skills fills all the gaps among knowledge and application.
Our TLP ( Teaching  Learning Process ): The TLP of Soft Skill is very technical and scientific. Soft Skill goes through a very interesting & penetrating method of induction. We follow an advanced way and sequence to optimize the entire circuit of perfect learning output. Our TLP sequence passes through the following nine steps and order for every topic & chapters of curriculum during the training.
1 ) Attention & Focus
2 ) Environment
3 ) Topic / Concept
4 ) Explanation-Case Study
5 ) Comprehension Test
6 ) Recapitulation / Revision  
7 ) Practice / Test
8 ) Retest & Evaluation
9 ) Videography / Monitoring